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Chinese concept Zhou San goes up drop each other shows 4 stocks to go up exceed 3%

15/01/2012 05:20 0 Comentarios Lectura: ( palabras)

Chinese concept Zhou San goes up drop each other shows 4 stocks to go up exceed 3%

Dispatch of Netease louis vuitton outlets science and technology on December 8 message, the media before open quotation reports Germany objects stabilizing European finance mechanism and European finance to stabilize fund to incorporate, dozen press market confidence; Again media reports G20 is being discussed louis vuitton outlets stores afternoon amount to project of loan of 600 billion dollar in the light of Europe, your market is carried brace up. The US stock is small leave, sudden shock be issuedgucci outlets to lower levels, concussion goes tall after, end Pan Lasheng, final 3 big point to go up drop each other shows. End week of 3 closing quotation, dow Jones price of stock of 30 kinds of industry is average the index rises 46.24 a little bit, go up 0.38%, sign uplouis vuitton 2012 for 12196.37 a little bit; Index of standard general Er rises 2.54 a little bit, go up 0.20%, sign up for 1261.01 a little bit; Na Sida overcomes an index louis vuitton outlet to drop 0.35 a little bit, drop 0.01%, sign up for 2649.21 a little bit.

Chinese concept Zhou San goes up drop each other shows, and go up drop extent is lesser, share 4 stocks to go up more than 3% :

On the palm well-informed (Nasdaq:LTON) goes up 6.15%, sign up for 1.38 dollars;

The Shang De that do not have stannum (NYSE:STP) goes up 5.77%, sign up for 2.75 dollars;

Divide numerouslouis vuitton wallets medium (Nasdaq:FMCN) goes up 5.36%, sign up for 21.43 dollars;

Grand game (Nasdaq:GAME) goes up 3.73%, sign up for 4.45 dollars.

And drop of more than 3% also have 4 shares:

Phoenix new media (NYSE:FENG) drops 7.85%, sign up for 6.57 dollars;

The communication louis vuitton outlets store online that exhibit dispatch (Nasdaq:SPRD) drops 4.74%, sign up for 20.72 dollars;

Si Kai network (Nasdaq:SPRD) drops 3.61%, sign up for 3.74 dollars;

Ideal world (Nasdaq:PWRD) drops 3.29%, sign up for 11.18 dollars.

(Article origin: Report of Netease science and technology)

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