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In focusing without exception: How break out of an encirclement " hunt kills season "

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In focusing without exception: How break out of an encirclement " hunt kills season "

Halcyon village, abruptlouis vuitton outlets much gave new men and women, much the express car that a large number of moving back and forth, much cap of shoe of accumulation mountainous dress; Quiet late night, often the QQ chirp sound of audibility as one falls... who are they? They are hypostatic net inn. It is it seems that between one night, inn of numerous and hypostatic net happens to coincide occupational each size area, no matter be foreign room or villatic area, have their figure.

Come day after day, investigation of our newspaper reporter interviews discovery: Numerous net inn is concealed in civilian curtilage inside office, be in village of a few residences, already developed to embark on a journey even city. Many village dwellers complain: "The village is our home originally, many so much is suddenly unfamiliar now face and foreign car, let a person lack safe sense. Let a person lack safe sense..

Current, because be opposite, the management behavior of short duration of individual net inn is not had mandatory regulation, your the Wu of industrial and commercial, duty, superintendency existence difficulty that brings a lot of section such as inspect, social security. Hypostatic net inn inbreaks sadly civilian curtilage, causing a new social government issue...

Research center of Chinese electron business affairs predicts, chinese network islouis vuitton outlets stores retail 2011 the market trades dimensions will achieve 763.4 billion yuan. Up to in June 2011, amount of inn of countrywide individual net amounts to 14.5 million, grow industrial and commercial bureau of 20.8% Guangzhou city compared to the same period newest data shows, guangzhou has commodity of many 40 thousand network to make news of main body of battalion of The Book of Changes.


Investigate on the spot

The inn that clean out treasure hides villatic " 4 syncretic handle official bussiness "

New city of brook of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces:

Villatic Cheng Taobao sells a favour treasure the land

Time area of villa of the sea day garden of new city of brook of Yu the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces, abundant scene garden, became those who clean out treasurelouis vuitton 2012 to sell the home favour recently " treasure ground ", the reporter saw a building with hiring passenger capacity a few days ago, intermediary says very enthusiasticly, around building dish a lot of is hire to handle official bussiness, there is no lack of among them clean out treasure to sell the home.

"We made 9 months recently two only businesses, it is to do those who clean out treasure, still 45 seek advice. " in Luo Xi new city is lucky south on the street, the manager of an intermediary says, the guest of two only businesses is Cong Haizhu area is moved, the goods of discrepancy of a few villages that basically disrelishs sea bead area wants owner to sign discharged, very troublesome, flat move here. In addition, "A month just leases sea beadlouis vuitton outlet area 449 yuan 100 come square metre, and upstair still, move money no-go also, and although, the month here is hired much 1000 come yuan, but have 200 much square metre, return close subway. Return close subway..

Another manager says, be in abundant scene garden east area, on the west area, many villa are hired to come net inn, the area is to the south of exemple, altogether has 40 villa about, 45 are hired will do hypostatic net shop.

The reporter is visited on the spot see, sheet is sea smallpox garden, rough one, have one market 33, 41, 62, date of 2 streets 22A, the 13A of 3 streets opening inn of the substance that clean out treasure to perhaps handle official bussiness, these inn are to sell the product such as dress, commodity more, be in commonly goods of store up of first floor, 2 buildings, office, 3 buildings lodge.

The reporter understands, a villa 5000~7000 of hire of a month yuan differ, impose 300 yuan on two administration fee, a few functions have dormitory of office, storehouse, employee, dining room entirely, this compared with hire office building, business to spread office, hire the cost of storehouse and employee dormitory again additionally, reduce greatly apparently.

It is villatic not only, the unit of a few villages around also is held by net inn. "Open net store? " when the reporter is interviewed, just asked it is OK to have the house hire will handle official bussiness, the broker of a largelouis vuitton wallets intermediary asks so immediately. She introduces, in lucky garden, medium the village building such as Hai La bay dish a lot of people are hired will handle official bussiness, among them lucky garden is to do more very clean out treasure, "I did 3 only businesses, it is to do those who clean out treasure. It is to do those who clean out treasure..

Stone card member village:

Low hires a house owned by a citizen to run the market looks for supply of goods

In stone card east the village in the city of the road, also many people hire a room to open net store. From the advertisement renting a house of crossing paste, the reporter looked for a few phones to hit the past to say he wants to hire a room to open net storelouis vuitton outlets store online randomly. Passed a little while, someone goes to take a reporter to manage 6 tall buildings. "Many people open net store near this, a computer is put in the home, computer city runs when having need the money taking a place there perhaps goes inside city other terminal market searchs supply of goods. " here, the month hires the room that left and right sides of a 8 square metre takes independent toilet to be controlled in 800 yuan.

"Member a lot of people are managing the village the inn that clean out treasure. " clean out treasure to sell domestic Miss Qiu to tell a reporter. A few years ago, miss Qiu works to Guangzhou from Wuhan, live all the time village of the member that be in is taken. 2007, net inn begins arisen when, miss Qiu opens net inn to sell cosmetic technically with respect to the attempt. Original, miss Qiu uses 1000 yuan / lunar price hires village of the member that fall unit of a two houses, among them a room is mixed as storehouse bale dot. As trade specified number rise, miss Qiu demit drops a company duty, absorption inn opening a network. Because cosmetic sale prices is bullish, miss Qiu uses 1600 yuan again / lunar price rents a bigger house. According to Miss Qiu understanding, the building that most businessman leases old village serves as " foothold ", the operator that very few singles does alone, great majority is 2, 3 people do poineering work together.

Member village road of 2 horizontal strokes Miss Zhang tells the property adviser of a large intermediary the reporter, have the unit that intermediary will come to to ask the office that rent is decorated all right before renting a settle or live in a strange place, special requirement has reticle, the sitting room needs area of 339 square metre at least. When Miss Zhang questions office use, hiring a guest to express islouis vuitton outlets online Internet sale.


Clean out treasure to sell the home

Ask 20 employee to deliver goods still busy come nevertheless

The reporter is dark in investigating a process visited to conceal the inn cleaning out treasure inside area of villa of Yu Haitian garden. Although this inn that clean out treasure just opens a few months newly, but scope is not little, had registered in the store, do dress brand to be sold continuously. Villatic in all third floor, merchant moxa gentleman (alias) 5000 multivariate prices were hired to hire this next villa with the month June this year.

The reporter sees inside villa, left of first floor doorway is piling up the dress that large quantities of baling, right is sitting 34 employee, broadcasting music, phone sound is ceaseless, there still is goods shelves from the back. An aunt is baling, goods piled stair mouth, hardly the road goes upstairs. 2 buildings are the place of office, hall has 6 pieces of desk authentic louis vuitton outlets outside, two rooms also are putting two pieces of desk to be used for administrator office, still putting inside a room among them take a picture the photography light that kinds or types of goods uses. 3 buildings are the place of accommodation, an employee room put bed of 3 pieces of double deck, can sleep 6 people, another room has 4 pieces of beds, basically sleep for administrator pass the night with, there is a big house on the side, add the 4 buildings that build to still have a room additionally, can sleep 4 people.

Handle official bussiness here after two many months, moxa the office space that the gentleman leased 1000 much square metre in industrial garden again. Moxa the gentleman says, because, this is villatic here the place is too little " cannot send money ", at the beginning he asked 10 people, one day can deliver goods 500 sheet, but deliver goods quantity Yuan Chao is counted this now, because this need is moved to greater place.

Moxa the gentleman asked 20 employee at present, after including customer service, carry out, wait, still ask a few aunts to help bale deliver goods. Calculate on the operation that clean out treasure, artificial wait charge a moment, had thrown 1 million yuan. The reporter asks when doing the otherwise that clean out treasure to want to do Wu of business charter, duty to register, moxa the gentleman expresses " along with your meaning " . Did not cross him himself to deal with business charter and duty Wulouis vuitton speedy to register through registering a company with another addresses.

Why does net inn like to be in is foreign room villatic perhaps inside the area? The young lady of the Kingdom of Wei that ever had opened net store in garden of fine horse scene tells a reporter, "What keys of many businessman choice area consider is not in which piece the area suits to manage more, go to the lavatory however oneself life. It is the net is bought anyway, want express to go to the lavatory only it is OK to come, the businessman can deliver goods where. " young lady of the Kingdom of Wei thinks, the cost in hiring a room to be managed in net inn does not calculate get on the biggest, larger expenses should be artificial with the cost that take money.


Dweller sound

Net inn inbreaks the village brings safe hidden trouble

The reporter visits many villages dweller, they open the practice of hypostatic net inn to express to object to be inside the village almost, "Inn opening a network also is act of a kind of trade, civilian how can you open curtilage? " Mr Li says the owner of garden of laurel of Guangzhou green jade. Many villages dweller worries about hidden danger of safety of existence of hypostatic net inn consistently. "The inn that clean out treasure is to do the business such as dress shoe cap mostly, goodslouis vuitton outlets accumulation becomes hill, once catch fire how to do? " of sea smallpox garden live oneself owner says, inn of these the net that clean out treasure basically are in the morning 78 when begin to do business, arrive all the time before dawn two 3 when, the member that often come up against express comes in and go out, carry van in and out, person of without fixed duties is much, bandits had an opportunity that can be exploited to sbs advantage. Ms. Chen says, domestic network store opened on her home, everyday Dong of Dong of sound of flourishing of the flourishing in A is noisy, deliver goods to afternoon fastigium, goods bales rip the sound that plays adhesive plaster to disturb her cannot siesta.

The security personnel of sea smallpox garden says, the crack up when ever van came in and go out last year wall radical, the announcement has been issued later, the freight car that does not allow 1 ton of above comes in and go out. If obtained owner to perhaps hire the guest's license, the member that do not cross express receives money, they are bad also block the way.

Be short of

Function branch

National of short duration does not have the byelaw that is aimed at individual net inn

Reporter in order to deal with " hire residence undertakes net inn is managed " for formalities, visited a Yu area branch of many relevant function, only staff member of service center of government affairs of street of riverside of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces expresses clearly, inside residential village " live transform business " door of course of study without relevant license, do not send business charter. The reporter finds city industrial and commercial bureau to undertake advisory, the staff member says, department of industrial and commercial administration is not aimed at net inn handles business license or any registering temporarily.

In service center of community of stone card street, reporter with " want to hire a room to open a site " for enquire in turn, the staff member is simple after ground inquire circumstance, take out house of town of a few Guangzhou to rent contract and a piece of estate put on record the guideline hands reporter: "Go back fill in these material, come over to deal with together with landlord again. " the reporter asks a staff member repeatedly, the individual opens a site to whether must deal with industrial and commercial business charter or pay other tax cost, a few staff members express " not clear ", suggest reporter " go back first do this formalities to say again " .

Lawyer argument

Superintend should catch up with pace of electronic business affairs

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